SQUEAKS answers the question “now what? ” when an important event occurs – engaging employees to act swiftly, promoting teamwork and driving accountability.   SQUEAKS lets you know what is happening and gives you the confidence that everything is covered.


SQUEAKS helps team members communicate better. Every action taken surrounding an event is captured in a transparent manner – eliminating misunderstandings and wasted time. 

Arm your forklift


information to get theJob Done Right,

Right Now

With SQUEAKS, messages cannot be ignored.  You can direct to-the-point

information to the right people to get their attention. 

Incorporate rich, multi-media content like photos, videos and .pdf documents into the

conversation to provide further clarity and shorten response times.

SQUEAKS allows you to define and apply workflows that ensure correct actions are taken
following a concerning issue. Ownership is clarified and progress verified at each step along the way.  Messages from SQUEAKS demand attention.    

And if standardized workflows are not completed on-time, SQUEAKS escalates to higher levels of management, creating a heightened sense of urgency…

… with the history of each action taken and comment made documented along the way.

And SQUEAKS optimizes employee efficiency, making it easy to

call for assistance and jump in to help in the quickest manner possible.

If you need it, SQUEAKS is on it! 

Arm your


personnel with

information to get

the Job Done Right,

Right Now

Nothing falls through the Cracks with Squeaks

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